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Black History Celebration

The underling specificity of why Black Young Professionals of Metro Detroit (BYP Detroit) was created lies easily in one word:


Blackness in America is the most deterministic characteristic of the life of an African American. That is why BYP Detroit has specific mandates and approaches which are purposely developed for our own people. With that in mind, it can be easily understood, especially with Professional Development, that we have an important role to play during Black History Month (BHM).

For 2022, the year after a two-year pandemic hiatus, we decided to bring the organization back into active celebration of Black History Month through the reintroduction of our Black History Trivia Night. Half social event and half personal development, we set out to create an education-first event flowing through veins of fellowship and fun.

We partnered with Blackout Trivia and Basement Burger Bar to put on this event in the heart of Detroit. With a packed room, we actually ran out of seating and even went into overtime! Many gift cards and laughs were given out, and new people found their way to their first-ever BYP event.

We would like to thank everyone for attending this fun night. We thank Blackout Trivia and Basement Burger Bar Detroit for their partnership in making a wonderful evening possible for so many people in celebration of Black History Month.

As an organization with a responsibility to our members and the community, we sent out a post-event survey to collect feedback.

Your feedback was heard loud and clear. Thank you to all that took time to submit their thoughts. We apologize for lack of diversity in trivia question categories and any seating issues you encountered. We will be making changes accordingly. We thank you for your patience and are happy you still found the event entertaining and engaging.

Please consider joining as a member of the organization. We have a number of members-only events happening this year and your membership supports higher-quality operations for members. This includes job and interview opportunities, as well as being able to give input on what you want to see from the organization in the future.

If you absolutely can’t be a member at this time, you can at least join our public mailing list.

We’ll see you at the next one!

2021 Holiday Cheer

A Time to Fellowship in Unity.

2021 was a year of and ups and downs. The entire Black community from coast-to-coast seen everything from terrorism and oppression, to protests and COVID-19. Here in Detroit specifically we seen important elections and significant investments. These yet still were alongside continued socioeconomic challenges for the greater community. As a young professional association, we focused on being flexible through all the changes and turmoil of the year. Our main goal was to continue to unite, develop, and volunteer in whatever ways were feasible.

Time to Let Loose!

Thanks to improved vaccination rates and reduced hospitalizations, COVID restrictions were lifted enough to allow some more “normal” events to be held. Although the much-missed Black Affinity Organizations Holiday Party was again not held this year, BYP still decided to do something on our own and as an ole to our past. So this year we went “back to basics” and reignited a favorite: an ugly sweater party!

On December 16, 2021 we at Black Young Professionals of Metro Detroit held our second unpretentious holiday party entitled Ugly Sweater II: Cocktails & Candy Canes Edition. This year’s event had a theme of Christmas and candy cane decorations. It also featured expertly crafted “Grinch” and “Holiday Cheer” cocktails, along with comfort food and desserts to match.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a BYP holiday party without the highly anticipated competition for the most repulsive sweater in the crowd. With many contestants, we had a hard time cutting the field down, and still had a close call at the end!

Winning Ugly Sweater!

But that’s not all! We also brought out an entire host of card games and other classics such as Giant Jenga. We even had a surprise session of musical chairs! Who knew 20 and 30-somethings still love the thrill of sneakily dancing around a set of chairs to unpredictable music?!

Business Card Raffle Winner

Yet, in the midst of all this, we wanted to also have a Black business element. So we encouraged solopreneurs and service practitioners to submit their business cards to our evening’s Black Business raffle. After countless cards were stuffed into our box we found a winner:

Business Card Raffle Winner, Rasheda Kamaria Williams of Empowered Flower Girl
Business Card Raffle Winner, Rasheda Kamaria Williams of Empowered Flower Girl

Raffle Card Winner:
Rasheda Kamaria Williams
Mentor, Author, Speaker
Chief EmPOWERING Officer
Empowered Flower Girl | Facebook | Instagram

Giving Back

Our first order of business was for the organization to give back to our members and supporters. This year every guest recieved a surprise gift before departing. Additionally, raffles were held throughout the night to give away even more awesome holiday goodies.

We welcomed tons of new people into the BYP family inside of the Black-owned D-Loft in Hamtramck. A great time was had by all, new people to the community made connections, and holiday cheer was aplenty. And to close the day out we made a sizable donation to the Detroit Rescue Mission after the party.

Now that’s unity giving back to the community!

We MUST give a huge thank you to our fabulous disk jockey of the evening, DJ Jus-E-Nuff, Justin C. Walker for keeping the people happy and moving.

We’ll see you in 2022.

Follow the Money Recap

On February 26th, Black Young Professionals of Metro Detroit teamed up with Maurice Miller and Tylene Henry to host Follow the Money, a financial optimization crash course for young professionals. This event was held at Macomb Community College, and is the first in a series of events tied to the financial well-being of young Black professionals.

Due to extreme weather conditions, some registered audience members were unable to safely travel to the event. In light of this, the entire event was recorded and is now available below. Some extraneous elements of the discussion were removed for brevity. Additionally, the PowerPoint slide deck created by Black Young Professionals is also below for your reference.

We won’t say a whole lot, because we have the entire audio transcript, but some of the more interesting topics touched on are listed below. Listen to the full discussion for actual context and details:

  • Black wealth, overall, is headed toward zero.
  • Income is not wealth.
  • Wealth transfers should be taken seriously and preserved when possible. Talk with those you stand to inherit from about their life insurance policies and their will.
  • The stock market is a leading indicator, everything else follows.
  • Each person’s healthcare coverage needs vary based on their personal situation at that point in time in their life, including HSA strategies.
  • Not everyone is making the traditional 20% down payment on their first home, and it may not be necessary or most appropriate, even if it means private mortgage insurance (PMI) may be required.
  • Employer-sponsored retirement accounts

… and more!

Please feel free to reach out to our subject matter experts Maurice and Tylene using their contact information below.

Maurice E. Miller Jr. CFP®
Wealth Management Adviser
p: (248) 331-2538 
Mass Mutual Bio Page

Tylene L. Henry, MBA
Financial Adviser
p: (248) 357-7600
Mass mutual Bio Page

Listen to the Event Audio

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