Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Darvell T. Powell

Darvell loves his people and has stopped at nothing to address the numerous issues facing the Black community. His focus has been to address problems at their root cause.

Darvell is also the founder of the organization. Created for people who are new to the region or looking for someone new.

Board Member

Latecia Owoiya

Latecia is a founding member of the organization, serving as the first Vice President. She has been the bubbly and enthusiastic glue that has held the diverse team together for years.

Latecia serves in a senior capacity on the Board of Directors ensuring compliance and adhearance to the founding mission and purpose.

Board Member

Kevin L. Jackson

Kevin has been a founding member of the Board of Directors, serving since 2016 his passion to supporting safe spaces in our community keeps him pushing the organization forward.

Kevin currently operates as the chief fiduciary member ensuring the organization maintains viablity and perpetuity in the business plans.

Board Member

William Grandberry

William Grandberry is the newest member of the Board of Directors, but has been at the core of the organization since 2015. As a founding member, William served as the first Membership Chair of the organization. William continues to carry a wealth of knowledge regarding the numerous past members of the organization.

William currently serves as the chief staffing agent, ensuring new executive staff members are vetted according to spirit of the organization mission.