On February 23, 2020, we held our second annual Paint: Detroit event at the downtown Detroit location of Painting with a Twist. Many of the Painting with a Twist studios in metro Detroit, including the downtown location, are Black-owned. The downtown location is especially impactful as it is in one of the few Black-owned buildings in downtown Detroit.

For 2020 we made some changes, including an increased number of prizes and raffle tickets given to each guest, and the inclusion of a dedicated DJ, in addition to our host and master of ceremonies.

Our master of ceremonies, Fatimah Muhammad, was joined at the prize table by director Kevin Jackson, and mentorship lead Tim Ogunbekun (far end of table).

This event serves as a fundraiser for the organization and also brings awareness to Detroit’s culture through music and products. All gifts were Detroit themed or focused items made by Detroit-based companies including Detroit vs. Everbody and Detroit Vineyards. All music played featured Detroit-based artists.

Below you will find the official event playlist of music rebuilt on YouTube so you can also enjoy some visuals and listen unlimited for free.

This is a playlist of 32 songs

With a well-attended event, we had a lot of photos taken by Gary North Images.
Check out a few of them below, and feel free to see the full gallery on our Facebook page beginning March 17th.