Become A Member

Black Young Professionals of Metro Detroit is a growing organization which thrives on being open, welcoming, and inclusive. We champion the social anchoring, personal development, and civic engagement of young Black professionals throughout the region. Our mission is to develop a single cohesive community of young Black professionals.

We are open to young professionals, entrepreneurs, and students across all industries within the age range of 21-42. A portion of our events are exclusive to membership and there are additional benefits listed below. You do not need to live in metro Detroit to be a member.

Make Meaningful Connections In Detroit

Our promise to you as a member is to create opportunity for connections and to integrate you into a community. We believe connection is paramount to a thriving Black community in America today. We have to work with each other and find strength in connection. We know people leave Detroit when they don’t have anchoring through connection, so we’re dedicated to retaining talent through innovative activities and opportunities for connection. We are not just your “plug” for success we’re also your “outlet” for fun.

What we do for members?

  • The Unapologetically Black Newsletter will become your new plug.
  • Two special-topic personal development series exclusive to members.
  • A recognition program focused on making members stand out to potential future employers.
  • The Partnership program allows Entrepreneurs and other Black Service Providers to promote their business to our network for free.
  • Plus, the standard fair below…

Membership Levels

  • General Member
    • Membership year starts the day you sign-up, with automatic annual renewal.
      • Exclusive access to members-only events.
      • Access to members directory and communication tools.
      • Exclusive offers to group interviews, discussions, and talks.
      • Priority notification for public events.
      • Discounted pricing for public ticketed events and partner events.
      • Job opening alerts targeting our specific members.
      • Opportunity to join committees or apply for leadership positions.
      • Currently $25 per year (very limited time)
  • Advisory Member
    • Financially supporting community member who is outside of the General Membership demographic. Membership year starts the day you sign-up, with renewal due every 365 days thereafter.
    • Currently $75 per year.