The underling specificity of why Black Young Professionals of Metro Detroit (BYP Detroit) was created lies easily in one word:


Blackness in America is the most deterministic characteristic of the life of an African American. That is why BYP Detroit has specific mandates and approaches which are purposely developed for our own people. With that in mind, it can be easily understood, especially with Professional Development, that we have an important role to play during Black History Month (BHM).

For 2022, the year after a two-year pandemic hiatus, we decided to bring the organization back into active celebration of Black History Month through the reintroduction of our Black History Trivia Night. Half social event and half personal development, we set out to create an education-first event flowing through veins of fellowship and fun.

We partnered with Blackout Trivia and Basement Burger Bar to put on this event in the heart of Detroit. With a packed room, we actually ran out of seating and even went into overtime! Many gift cards and laughs were given out, and new people found their way to their first-ever BYP event.

We would like to thank everyone for attending this fun night. We thank Blackout Trivia and Basement Burger Bar Detroit for their partnership in making a wonderful evening possible for so many people in celebration of Black History Month.

As an organization with a responsibility to our members and the community, we sent out a post-event survey to collect feedback.

Your feedback was heard loud and clear. Thank you to all that took time to submit their thoughts. We apologize for lack of diversity in trivia question categories and any seating issues you encountered. We will be making changes accordingly. We thank you for your patience and are happy you still found the event entertaining and engaging.

Please consider joining as a member of the organization. We have a number of members-only events happening this year and your membership supports higher-quality operations for members. This includes job and interview opportunities, as well as being able to give input on what you want to see from the organization in the future.

If you absolutely can’t be a member at this time, you can at least join our public mailing list.

We’ll see you at the next one!