We are a young professionals association composed of men and women of African descent in the Detroit area. We provide our members, followers, and the community overall with opportunities to grow socially, develop personally, and carry out civic engagement, together.

Established in 2015, Black Young Professionals of Metro Detroit was founded as a Meetup group focused on openly building community among metro Detroit’s young Black professional population by coordinating and hosting social events. Our growing awareness of the needs of the Detroit community moved us to use our time and manpower for civic engagement as well. In 2016 we incorporated as 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We focus on providing high quality, impactful, and accessible personal development activities, social events, and community service opportunities. 

We are open to people of all industries, education levels, and other walks of life. We focus on people 21-42 years of age, who self-identify as black, ranging from students and skilled trades, to entrepreneurs and salaried professionals. Additionally, college students under 21 are welcomed to our events where alcohol is not being served, and have opportunities for those who are more seasoned than our target demographic (See Advisory Level membership). We do not have a citizenship status requirement, therefore Canadian residents are encouraged to join us.

Our membership and followers are people of all ethnicities, backgrounds, faiths, and beliefs to join us in:

  • Community Service
  • Social Events
  • Personal Development Opportunities

Our Mission

To relentlessly pursue unity and development of young Black professionals, and direct them to positively impact communities within the city of Detroit.

Our Vision

  • A unified Black community where we welcome and embrace newcomers to the area.
  • A unified Black community where we do not exist in silos.
  • A unified Black community where we do not perpetuate classism.
  • A unified Black community where we do not tolerate elitism.
  • A unified Black community where we nurture and support one another.
  • A unified Black community where we reach out to those who didn’t catch the break that we caught.

The Region We Serve

We serve and are open to anyone who may desire to attend our events. From Port Huron to Flint, from Ann Arbor down to Toledo, and everywhere in-between down to the Detroit river. We also welcome those living Canada. People simply visiting the SE Michigan area can also join us.

The People We Serve

Although our organization is tailored to the unique challenges of the Black community and metro Detroit, we serve all people who wish to attend our events and/or obtain membership.

We are a LGBTQIA+ safe and inclusive organization.

We explicitly do not tolerate sexism, ableism, racism, ageism, or any other forms of marginalization or harassment within our organization or by members or event attendees, major or minor.