As part of the Black Young Professionals Mentorship Program’s mission, we strive to reaffirm and champion the importance of long-term mentorship by seeking opportunities for our members to connect with organizations running such programs. One organization we are excited to highlight is the Multicultural Professional Readiness Education Program (MPREP) through the Mike Ilitch School of Business at Wayne State University.

MPREP empowers the Wayne State Business School’s minority undergraduate students to navigate successfully through their undergraduate career and transition into their professional careers by offering academic support, networking opportunities, professional development workshops and, most importantly, mentorship.

The Mentorship aspect matches students with Professional Mentors from their field of study or desired industry with a focus more towards their professional development, and/or Community Mentors (typically other working professionals of minority background) who serve to advise and encourage students through their personal and academic development. Both Professional and Community mentors work with the students over the course of a 2-semester school year, corresponding at least once a month and having two direct interactions either in person or via video conference.

Numerous studies have shown that such Mentorship provided through MPREP is invaluable to minority students and plays a key role in their collegiate and professional outcomes.

MPREP is currently seeking new Community Mentors for their Winter Semester (January) student cohort. If you are interested in being a Mentor for MPREP, please fill out the form below. The program will reach out to you.

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