BYP Fundraising Mixxer Flyer

Hello BYP Community!

As you have noticed earlier this month, BYP launched advertising for our first fundraising event. We do not collect membership dues at this time, and we focus mainly on self-funded events (i.e. pay per event). However, we are an association which likes to pool efforts to give back to the community. Sometimes there are ancillary costs associated with giving back in a well-rounded, complete, and turn-key manner. Also, there are fees and other costs which go along with running the Meetup Group and this website, for instance.

So the goal of this fundraiser to to bank resources to cover items for our upcoming GIVE BACK and also for expenses in 2016.

Please take a moment to consider buying a ticket today (only $20+fees) and coming out to have food and fun with us as we work to connect you with other black young professionals in the area. We will deliver a great venue, great food, great music, stimulated conversation and networking, opportunity to meet BYP leadership, and, of course, our DJ later in the evening.

In the space of “networking” we work to stimulate and mix up the crowd to get you to meet people who may be beneficial for you to know. We do not intend or insinuate that relationships, partnerships, or any type of benefits will come of every introduction — that varies by situation — but finding good people to know is the first step. Start with us.

We do ask that you buy your tickets online so we can prepare the appropriate amount of food and volunteers.

Check out our Eventbrite page here!

BYP Fundraising Mixxer Flyer