Forgotten Harvest is a local staple nonprofit organization of metro Detroit. They fight hunger in an innovative and resourceful way: By collecting and distributing surplus prepared and perishable foods from sources such as groceries and restaurants. They are highly regarded, and of course, Black Young Professionals enjoy helping out established community organizations, so we had it on our calendar months ago to pay F.H. a visit.

May 7th, Black Young Professionals had a small team visit Forgotten Harvest to volunteer for half a day. When we arrived we were informed we’d be repacking nutritious potatoes!

The goal was to empty as bulk bags of potatoes into family size portions destined for the table of those in need as we could. We also had to clean up afterwards.

Typically, when Forgotten Harvest volunteers repack potatoes, they move about 7,000lbs of food.

On May 7th, BYP, along with Marry Barra (CEO of GM), we moved 10,500lbs… setting a new record for Forgotten Harvest!

Teamwork was definitely in full swing. Check out the pictures below. See you at Forgotten Harvest next year.


Learn more about F.H. at their website: and see pictures of our trip below!