Hello BYPs! This past weekend (Saturday, April 22nd to be exact) we kicked-off the forthcoming three seasons of good weather with our first (of many) outdoor volunteering project. We headed over to the North East corner of Detroit to support the Moross Greenway Project spring cleanup day. This event is held to clean up debris, litter, and other disarray from the greenway islands, I-94 entrance and exit ramps, and various intersection corners where things have accumulated over the winter near I-94 and Moross Road.

The Moross Greenway Project is a partnership of Eastside Detroit community, civic and religious groups working together to re-landscape the seven median islands on Moross Road between the St. John Hospital and I-94. The hope of this relandscaping as well as the Spring and Fall cleanings are to improve the appearance of the portion of Detroit bordering the Grosse Pointes, thereby reducing the stark contrast in upkeep commonly seen as drivers pass into Detroit city limits. Board members involved in this project wish to see their efforts creating a ripple effect deeper into the city of Detroit.

The landscaping, funding, and project plans for the Moross Greenway Project are openly available for other organizations or individuals that are interested in doing similar work in their respective neighborhood, anywhere across the country or here locally. To learn more about the project, visit their website at morossgreenway.org

Following the two and half hour cleaning, the entire BYP team furthered connection creation and bonding over brunch.

We will have more Saturday morning volunteering opportunities. Stay tuned to our website, LIKE our Facebook page, and be sure to become a member if you haven’t already!