Our apologies for being late to update everyone on the outcome of Black Young Professionals’ (BYP) first fundraising event.
We have been very busy leading up to the event and well after it!


The fundraiser was a big success. Many new faces came down to Mo Better Blues on Larned St. in downtown Detroit, just around the corner from the Renaissance Center after work on Thursday. Mo Better Blues went above and beyond to support us by providing extra food and audio equipment for the event.


Throughout the very eventful evening tickets were sold for a 50/50 raffle, and various surprise visitors from the community and other local businesses stopped in.


We were able to raise over $1,000 to support our Give Back community event at the Neighborhood Service Organization (NSO) scheduled for April 1st. We sincerely appreciate each attendee’s support of Giving Back to the community and BYP.


Special notes of appreciation go out to those from Ernst & Young who came out to support our event, Mo Better Blues owner Gerald Watson II for accommodations, and Sonya for photography.


Official pictures are below, and additional ones can be found on our Meetup page under this event.