At our Spring 2017 General Body meeting, we announced the addition of several new roles to our internal team, as well as some internal restructuring which is underway to support the additional roles. Many people submitted preliminary interest forms at the meeting indicating their desire to get involved internally through one of these new or newly opening roles.

Firstly, we want to thank everyone who turned in a form already. We really appreciate the community love and support. We are now ready to begin interviewing and placing people into positions in time for our summer activities. We are also still accepting new applications and inquires about how you can be involved. So, if you hadn’t heard from us yet, hang on tight — we haven’t forgotten about you. You’ll receive an email soon.

Please review the attached document below for the complete listing of roles and responsibilities, their descriptions, and the requirements. You will be provided with our internal values prior to you scheduling an interview.

Priority positions to fill as of 5/20/2017 include:

  • Accounting
  • Photography
  • Community Service Planner
  • Community Liaison
  • Content Writer
  • Social Media
  • (At Large) Planning Committee members


2017 Roles & Responsibilities
Download: 2017 Roles and Responsibilities.pdf
Ver 1.1 Revised: 6/6/2017

If you are ready to apply, please proceed to the form below:

Involvement Form




Thank you for your interest and support!