… In case you hadn’t heard… BYP was there.

CNN Debate Set in Flint

CNN Debate Set in Flint

Exercising civil duty and being in engaged in the process of determining elected officials is a critical responsibility of a young professional today. Moreover, the right to cast that vote is one all blacks only received after a hard fought battle for civil rights. We often hear “My vote will not matter so I don’t even bother” or ” XYZ-Person will win anyway so it’s a waste of time to vote”. Although politics can be complex, the process of having your voice heard is not!

Last week, a large number of BYP members were invited by CNN to submit questions for the presidential candidates to answer in the Flint Democratic Presidential debate. If selected, these members would have been able to ask their question to the candidates on LIVE TV during the debate. Additionally, several BYP members who submitted questions which were not chosen, along with BYP leadership, were invited to join the audience and watch the debate LIVE at The Whiting Auditorium! So yesterday, BYP made a second trip to Flint to enjoy The Whiting again.

It was just one week earlier BYP had been over half the volunteer force behind #JusticeForFlint benefit concert on Feb 29th!

Opportunities like this are examples of what members of BYP are able to enjoy – staying plugged into and privy to the truely valuable and important happenings of the Metro Detroit area while focusing on Community, Social, and Personal development. We’d thank all of those who were able to make the Sunday trip to Flint on both weekends.