Detective Williams (left) and Officer Wright (right)


We are late updating you on this one! Our apologies. Crain’s Twenty in their 20s event honored our founder and everyone was busy promoting the event to others. Along with various other research, we have been pre-occupied for most of this past month. Now we’re back and August is almost here (anniversary month).

We need to update you on outcome of another great community and self-development activity.

On Thursday, July 17th at MSU Detroit Center, we were honored to have two guests. Detroit Police Department’s own Detective Williams from the homicide division, along with gang intelligence expert, Officer Wright. They both took personal time to support Black Young Professional’s membership by sharing experiences and real personal opinion on Detroit safety and the criminology of the city.

Starting out with a deep video compilation of today’s pattern of crime and community response taking place within the city, Darvell (moderator) asked questions of the seasoned law enforcement officials and received candid, unfiltered, real answers. Members followed up with their own questions. Topics started out with top crimes in the city, West Side vs. East Side, and veered towards understanding the unique gang growth in the city.

Of course, without surprise, as talks lengthened and subject matter became increasingly intensive, we touched on police and black community relations, inter-officer relationships, and even wither or not black young professionals should carry protection. Indeed great information continued to be dispensed along with laughs and moments of silence. To top it all off,  members requested follow-up meetings to discuss the state of the Black Lives Matter efforts in Detroit, and how to curb institutional racism nationwide. But we all still learned a lot about crime in Detroit, too!

We thank everyone who made it and braved the blazing hot sun. Let us know how it can be better next time. We trust you enjoyed the doughnuts, coffee, and water too.

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An attentive body of members consume the message from both detective and officer


Video clip from the talk: