NSO is the Neighborhood Service Organization. A Detroit born and focused non-profit services agency which offers a portfolio of support services to the most vulnerable residents of the city. At the beginning of February we visited their headquarters located in the historic former Michigan Bell Building on Oakman Boulevard to understand what they do and how they do it. We learned some amazing things, including that the entire building serves as permanent housing for 150 formerly homeless individuals who they are helping get back on their feet.

The residents of the Bell Building seen many lows in life and sometimes may not have family or friends to turn to. Although they now have a home, we don’t want them to feel alone or uncared for by the younger generation of residents. Therefore BYP has decided to throw a party for the reisdents of the building to socialize, dance, and play games.

We are looking for support in making this a reality. The planning committee meets weekly and has found there are needs to be met to make the event a success. You can help us make it happen!

Tentative Date: April 1st, 2016
Tentative Time: 7:00 PM EST
Tentative Theme: Spring Luau
Location: NSO Headquarters, Bell Building, 882 Oakman Blvd. Detroit, MI
Expected attendance: 80 residents of the Bell Building


What we need (list is updated as needs are met):

See this page for the most current items needed for the party.
BYP-NSO Party Needs!


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Thank you so much for your consideration and support of our Detroit neighbors!

– NSO Party Planning Committee (Latecia, Chanelle, William, Iyantta, Shannon, Jonathan, Darvell, Jasmine)