We had a new group discussion/coffee talk this month… if you missed it… there’s a 2hr video you can watch. But let us explain what happened first…

On January 22nd we held part one of “#BLM & Politics” at Whole Foods Detroit. The event, combined with a high-definition Facebook Live feed, drew deep discussion and many opinions on the topic of #BlackLivesMatter. Members and visitors alike joined us for a 2 hours dialog covering:

  • What is #BlackLivesMatter
  • What did it do in 2016?
  • Why did we need #BlackLivesMatter
  • How did other people view the movement?
  • Who are “allies” and why are they important?
  • How do we have productive discussions with non-Blacks?
  • What does economics have to do with humanity?
  • Did the movement push people to vote for Trump?

There were still many questions left unanswered, and we must continue our conversation. Another discussion will be scheduled and also live-streamed again. Questions still to be answered include:


  • Why didn’t the Regional Transit Authority proposal pass?
  • Why didn’t the people’s CBA proposal pass?
  • Is 2017 going to be a year Blacks in Metro Detroit pull up our boots? Or is it business as usual?
  • Did we have the right allies in 2016 for all of our Black-focused initiatives ?
The discussion at Whole Foods Detroit!

The discussion at Whole Foods Detroit!


If you missed part one, the entire discussion is available on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/BYPDetroit/videos/

Stay tuned for discussion part 2! Coming in a few weeks!


Note: This discussion was not endorsed, supported, organized, or otherwise influence by BlackLivesMatter (the official non-profit organization) nor any of it’s affiliates. This was an independently organization activity. No official #BlackLivesMatter representatives were at this meeting. The opinions expressed are those only of visitors and members of the event. Opinions, positions, thoughts, or other expressions made during this activity also do not represent the position of Black Young Professionals (BYP) of Metro Detroit nor any of our affiliates, officers, or directors.